ESRB Rates Eye of Judgment PSP Game

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Sony's console turn-based card strategy game The Eye of Judgment is making the leap to the PSP, and the ESRB has rated the game.


Originally released in fall 2007, the game uses the PlayStation Eye camera as well as Eye of Judgment cards. The PSP version has been rated Everyone +10 and contains references to alcohol and tobacco, fantasy violence, mild language and suggestive themes.

The ESRB rating summary reads as follows:

This is a strategy game in which players engage in turn-based card battles on a grid-like playing field. Players take turns selecting cards to summon fantastical creatures (e.g., dragons, elves, ninjas, dwarves, witches, giant lizards) on a game board. Creatures use magic spells, axe strikes, and sword slashes to attack enemy units on the board; card characters disappear in a plume of purple light when defeated (i.e., when their life points reach zero). Still-frame cutscenes add a dark tone to the relatively minimal depictions of violence; for example, "the tremors of earth soaked in the Children of Earth in blood." The text also contains the expletives "damn" and "hell" and a direct reference to alcohol (e.g., a "Drunken Demolition" card reads, "I wish I drowned to death in a sea of liquor"); one character is depicted with a lit cigar in his hand and mouth. Some cards depict female monsters-grey demon-like figures-in skin tight outfits that expose large amounts of cleavage.


Large amounts of cleavage? They should call it "The Eyeful of Judgment".

Eye of Judgment: Legends [ESRB Thanks, Christopher!]

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Hopefully, it will be more practical and playable than the PS3 version without the camera and cards BS, which added absolutely nothing to the game apart from extra hassle.

Anyway. I'd love a Magic:tG-type card game on the PSP. If they do it right, I'll be all over it - it should suit my increasingly compulsive nature. :)