Some Pokemon are cute. Some Pokemon are weird. Some Pokemon are household appliances. And then there is Espurr.

Espurr, with its huge, beady eyes that seem like they're looking straight through you. Eyes that make you feel like Espurr is in a different dimension, or thinking about murdering your entire family.




(Wallpaper by OshiHidra)

Funnily enough, the eyes are probably huge like that because it would make Espurr easier for many kids to draw—and that's an important tenet of Pokemon designs. But it's not just the design that is off-putting—so is the idea behind the Pokemon. Here's its Pokedex entry:

The organ that emits its intense psychic power is sheltered by its ears to keep power from leaking out.


So as you might imagine, the internet is having a ton of fun with Espurr. There's a Tumblr dedicated to 'being' Espurr, for example, and it's kind of hilarious. Then we have entire websites dedicated to Espurr, like this one that pairs Espurr and the creepy Lavender Town music from Red and Blue. What a perfect pairing, really.

Let's take a look at some of the funnier images, videos and fan art Espurr has inspired, shall we?

Gama Pony knows, Espurr has seen some shit.

So maybe it's not Espurr's fault it's so damn creepy.


(Via Haychel)

But maybe if we fed the damn thing....


(Via pelipper)

...then maybe it wouldn't feel the need to burst into our rooms in the middle of the night!


(Via tumbltimes)

Maybe all Espurr needs is some more quality cuddle time on Pokemon Amie.


(via theuselesstoe)

NOT the kind that messes with its ears though—they're there to keep you safe!


(Via pelipper).

Then again, it's hard to tell. Maybe the bugger wants you to pet em there...


(via taeshidiary.)


(Via quietrepentance)

At the very least, it doesn't always care if you mess with its ears. Not at first. To quote chemicalunrest:

If your Espurr likes or loves you, it will get upset when you try to pet its ears. Makes sense, right? It’s letting you know that you’re doing the equivalent of juggling live grenades, and it wants you to stop.

However, if you have zero affection with it, it’s totally fine with you petting its ears.



So maybe there is a reason Espurr is so aloof, like maybe the kids made fun of it at school.


(Via mikeshake00.)

But the more likely situation, I think, is that it's creepy 'cause that's just the way it is.


(Via LordHayati).

And that's okay. Cause now we can do ridiculous stuff like photoshop it next to Spongebob, as 0takumon has here.


Or as a something that would attack Eren and co. on Attack on Titan.


(Via ThePurpleNavi).

Or commemorate Espurr through our Halloween pumpkins, as bulbabogey has.


Plus, you know, it's not as if Espurr isn't kind of cute.

(Via Omo-Cat.)

In that homicidal sort of way.


(Via petitmew).