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Welcome To The Pro StarCraft II Scene

Heard about eSports and not sure what the fuss is? The people at Red Bull have recruited pro gamer Walshy to give us all a primer on competitive StarCraft II. Hey, it helps!


This is just the first episode of Red Bull's first season of a show they're calling "This is eSports." For some gamers, this premiere episode will seem basic. For others, this should be a welcome, well-produced introduction to one part of the massive competitive gaming scene.

Like what you see? If so, we'll keep you posted about future episodes of the show.


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I think the saddest part of this is that, SC2 is pretty much the only RTS that is played competitively and it doesn't help that there hasn't been a multiplayer RTS (tbh I don't even know a somewhat new RTS that had good multiplayer lately) with the same kind of polish.