Escape from Aliens: Colonial Marines at PAX Prime

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Sometimes you stand and fight. Aliens: Colonial Marines new Escape multiplayer mode, debuting this weekend at PAX Prime, is not one of those times.


PAX attendees, including our own Tina, Jason and Kirk, will have the chance to try their hand at some player-driven survival horror multiplayer this weekend, as a team of four Colonial Marines work together to escape the murderous clutches of a team of lightning-fast Xenomorphs. This is no Team Deathmatch; the Marines aren't here to fight. They're tasked with combining their skills in order to traverse the map as quickly as possible.

The Xenomorphs, conversely, simply have to kill the marines, the faster the better.

Along with the first opportunity to try out Aliens: Colonial Marines' second multiplayer mode, fans will also be able to take on Gearbox Software in rounds of Team Deathmatch for a chance at fabulous prizes. Competitions will be held at Alienware's PAX booth, number 363.



Nice. I've always preferred my aliens with marines, and no predators.