Erotic Game Market Is Shrinking

2007, what a year. Many things happened. Japan's Yano Research Institute has crunched data about 2007. Not just regular data, but VERY IMPORTANT data of the estimated otaku market size. Stuff we learned:

• Sales of costumes modeled from games, anime, manga, movies or TV as well as school uniforms and professional uniforms were up 6.8 percent. • Services at shops or cafes were staff serve customers wearing maid, butler or other costumes were down 18.6 percent. • Sales of adult videos were down 7 percent. • Sales of 15 years old and up computer games with adult sexual themes were down 2.8 percent.


「オタク市場」 メイド喫茶は縮小、電子コミック・同人誌など成長 [IT Media via Canned Dogs]

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