Episodic Gaming Invades the iPad with Sam & Max

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We are, for the most part, limiting news of new games hitting the 700 and growing iPad gaming library to our enormous iPad guide. But Sam & Max deserve their own mention.


Digging around in the iTunes story I stumped across a listing for Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone for the iPad this morning. This appears to be an iPad version of the first episode of The Devil's Playhouse, the third series of episodic games for the popular and humorous adventure games from Telltale.

What's interesting is that the iPad game appears to be hitting a couple of weeks before the games hit the PC, PS3 and Mac. Also, could this mean the advent of narrative-driven episodic games for iTunes and its devices?

The iPad version of the Penal Zone is the first in what will be five monthly episodes of the game, according to Telltale. It will run you $9.99, which could mean the entire run will set you back a whopping $50.


I am hoping that the iPad's launch into gaming will prove to be an epic failure. But I know that is just wishful thinking, Apple's demographic is not hardcore gamers and the run of the mill pleb loves to eat up apps and rinky dink games.