Epic Preps Unreal Engine 4 For "Next Console Generation"

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Epic president Mike Capps guesses the next console generation will begin anywhere between 2012 and 2018 — and when it does, Unreal Engine 4 will be already waiting for it. At least, that's what Capps told an audience Microsoft's Gamefest 2008 in Seattle this week, according to a Gamasutra report.

Said Capps:

"We've got Unreal [Engine] 4 in production right now... it's going to be in the next console generation - our rough guess is 2012 [to] 2018."


Tim Sweeney also has a guess about what the platforms will be at that time, and in what order Epic will address them:

"Version 4 will exclusively target the next console generation, Microsoft's successor for the Xbox 360, Sony's successor for the Playstation 3 - and if Nintendo ships a machine with similar hardware specs, then that also. PCs will follow after that."

Epic's Capps: Unreal Engine 4 Due For 'Next Console Generation' [Gamasutra]

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Darth Tigris

I've been preaching the 2012 date for the next Xbox for many, many months. I think I just got my official proof. Take THAT FUD producers!!!