Epic Mickey Revealed, Warren Spector Speaks

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It should come as little surprise that Warren Spector and his Junction Point development studio have been working on Epic Mickey, a game half-revealed by rumor, concept art and sparse details. But now it's official.


Disney's Epic Mickey is also the subject of the latest issue of GameInformer magazine, which should appear in subscribers' mailboxes starting next week.


The Wii game, said to be a Mickey Mouse platformer that involves the painting and erasing of levels, a struggle by Disney's lower caste of characters to dethrone the mouse.

Based on the cover art from the latest GI, it looks that, if anything, Spector and crew have managed to create something visually intriguing, with the rumored gameplay mechanics only slightly less interesting.

GI also has a video interview with Spector up, in which he talks about his love for things Mickey Mouse. It's light on actual Epic Mickey game details, but heavy on Spector face time.

Warren Spector & Mickey Mouse [GameInformer]

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"Visually Intriguing" + Wii = Not so much.

Still. I've been a big fan of Spectors work on gaming platforms thus far, and I think his track record leaves no doubt that he knows great gameplay. I watch with interest.