Epic Mickey Designer "Drooled Over" Mario Creator

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At this year's E3 gaming expo, Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector got the chance to meet Shigeru Miyamoto. And he was totally gobsmacked. Figurative drool was involved!


"I basically drooled on the guy at E3 when I met him," Spector tells the Official Nintendo Magazine. "I couldn't ask a single question. I carry his business card with me at all times now. It's in my wallet and will be there until the day I die."

Oh. Um. Cool.

"I really did just gush over him, honestly," says Spector. "I tried to thank him for all the wonderful games he's given me and how inspiring I find his work. We commiserated a little bit about how the wireless controls were kinda jacked at the Nintendo press conference but that was it really."


Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't only have the ability to churn out wonderful video games, but to turn big time game designers into putty. That's power, folks!

Wii News: Warren Spector: 'I drooled over Miyamoto' [Official Nintendo Magazine]

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That's cool that he had the opportunity to meet someone that inspires him and someone he can look up to. We all have heroes, so we, on some level, can relate to the feeling of awe.

Does this come under the category of bromance or man crush or hero worship?