Epic Mickey 2's Finally Got a Trailer

The word's out that Disney Interactive's working on a musical sequel to Epic Mickey and new details have emerged about what to expect.


Last night's episode of Spike TV's GameTrailers TV debuted new footage from the game, showing off new sidescrolling levels and teases of the new environments that players will be exploring.

The game returns to the Wasteland, the alternate reality where abandoned Disney ideas wind up. Earthquakes and other calamities plague the Wasteland and Oswald-as the lost dimension's leader-decides to trust, of all people, The Mad Doctor. The crazy scientist says he wants to be a hero and grants Oswald a remote that gives him the power to shoot electrical bolts and control animatronic objects.

In investigating the earthquakes, you'll investigate what the Wasteland built on top of-which is apparently a trove of Disney memorabilia—via Gremlin-constructed side-scrolling levels. Unlike the strictly jump-based play in Epic Mickey 1's the filmstrips, you can use your powers (paint/thinner and presumably electricity) in the 2D portions of the game this time. Co-op moves will work there, too.

The sequel will revisit some areas from Epic Mickey 1 and Junction Point design director Chase Jones says that players will go in places that were only shown in movies in the first game. You can catch glimpses of a Fantasia level in the GTTV segments, so it's a safe bet that some mops will be coming to life in the fall release. You can see the whole GameTrailers episode right here.

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