Epic Hard FFXI Boss Killed In One Minute

Back in August, we brought word of how tough beating Final Fantasy XI boss Pandemonium Warden was. Guild BeyondTheLimitation called it quits after 18 hours of combat against that boss. That was the only unnecessarily hard boss — Absolute Virtue has also been giving players headaches. Square Enix responded with a series of changes to the MMO "to prevent such battles from exceeding a certain predetermined length of time". A group of players brandishing super rare Kraken Club took down Absolute Virtue, the other impossible boss that supposedly takes 18 hours to kill, in like a minute. Hit the jump for a clip of the take down, complete with Smashing Pumpkins. Click to view Absolute Virtue ~ 9/8/08 [Order of the Blue Gartr Thanks, Muu!]


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