Epic Games Store Release Crashes Without Files Called "Steam"

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Axiom Verge has been free on Epic’s new game store this week, only with a surprise catch: the game crashed early on because the developer removed a bunch of files called “steam” when bringing the game over from Valve’s shopfront.

As PC Gamer report, the issue arose when entering the game’s third area, which contains a bunch of steam pipes that were missing their sound files. Axiom Verge’s creator Tom Happ explains:


The game has since been updated, with the files restored and everything working just fine.

Ironically, the issue had to be crowdsourced on the Steam forums, since Epic’s own store doesn’t have a community section.

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So you mean a dev made a mistake, but Gamers will find a way to use this as further evidence to why Epic sucks and a monopolistic Steam store is really actually just a good thing for everyone, guys.