Epic Games Says New iPad Will Have More Memory, Higher Resolution Than Xbox 360 And PS3

Developer Epic Games revealed the next game in its mobile Infinity Blade series today at the Apple iPad press conference.


Showing off Infinity Blades: Dungeons on the new iPad, which will feature an A5X quad-core processor and a high-resolution display, Epic Games President Mike Capps said it will feature a new crafting and dungeon system.

"This new device has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3," Capps said.

On Twitter this afternoon, Capps said Infinity Blade: Dungeons will be a Diablo-inspired dungeon crawler.


More RAM, but less battery power and worse controls. Even if the graphics are phenomenal (which they might not be considering the iOS multitasking footprint and the fact it has to power a screen too), the iPad simply can't hold up for extended play in a comparison with the PS3 or 360. It can't even hold up against the Vita or 3DS.

It's not a gaming platform. It's no more a gaming platform than my old TI-83 Plus was. It's an appliance that just happens to support games.