Epic Games' New Unreal Engine—This Is What Next Gen Gaming Looks Like

Fresh off the surreptitiously filmed, embargo-breaking train, it's the video footage of the engine that we previously showed you only in stills. This is the engine Epic describes as beyond what modern consoles can do. It's just one of many signs that a new crop of consoles are coming 'round the bend. [VentureBeat]




Pre-rendered. It's BS. Considering going from PS2/Xbox to PS3/360 wasn't all THAT big of a leap, I highly doubt the next round of consoles will be rocking in-game CG that's as good as in what you'd find in a fully rendered movie. The video looks great, I'm sure they used Unreal to make it, but it's rendered, which makes it nothing but chest pumping with no actual proof. I doubt any PC could pull that off today, what makes them think a console could in the next 3yrs? As they're generally quite behind.