Epic Didn't Want A Gears of War 2 Beta "Popping" Its "Cherry"

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Gears of War 2 designer Cliff "D.H." Bleszinski is concerned about the sanctity of his latest gore-filled shoot 'em up. He doesn't want a bunch of dudes nailing his baby girl, turning his little lady into worn-out damaged goods as millions of Xbox 360 owners clumsily penetrate her, robbing Epic's latest of its virginity. Wait, what? Mr. B explains to GamePro exactly why he doesn't want you going near his girl with a raging beta-on. "A beta is like hooking up with a girl just to say, 'yeah, I f*cked her,'" Cliff waxes. Furthering the Gears boning metaphor "Once you play a beta, you can check it off your list — you can say, 'yeah, I played it.' Then you might not feel motivated to get that initial cherry popping from the proper, final game." That's an excellent point. One opportunity to "look at all that juice" wasted! Cliff also explains why there is no Gears of War 2 demo on the horizon, pointing out "stuff takes [time] to put together." If stuff were put together "Gears of War 2 wouldn't be out until February of 2009." And then you'd have blue balls. Cliff Bleszinski dishes on Gears and games [Gamepro]

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What's wrong with Cliff? I think he's one of the more charming developers out there. He really has some good ideas running around in his head.

But he's right. Beta anymore is just a glorified demo of a game. Especially in the MMO scene. It's not about testing bugs anymore and it's no really the players fault, it's the developers for using it as a promotional tool.

Good for Cliff.