Epic Comeback Leads To EVO Glory In Marvel vs Capcom

Get to 12:30 on this Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 EVO semifinal clip and you'll see/hear what looks like an impending defeat for Justin Wong in his matchup against Filipino Champ. Until he pulls it out of the fire and everyone goes nuts.

That win put Wong in Final against Chris G, where he emerged victorious to take the EVO 2014 crown. You can check that out below.



I hate to sound ignorant and I realize that it'll almost definitely not happen due to licensing issues but shouldn't the popularity of this game in the FGC make Capcom at least think about looking to renew the license? Again, I'm not sure exactly how that sort of thing works but it seems to me that new characters or balancing would sell even more copies.

That said, this tournament was a blast to watch. Congrats to Justin Wong.