Enjoying the Launch Trailer for a Game I Can't Even Play

Syndicate is the latest casualty of Australia's antique classification laws, and also hopefully one of the last. Because of this, I will not legally be allowed to purchase the game, despite the fact I am 31 years old.


This trailer, then, is about as close as I'm going to get. Which is a shame. Because I love Brian Cox. So very, very much.


The game is out on February 21 (Feb. 24 if you're in Europe).

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Is there a PC demo for this. I'd like to give it a blast.

It doesn't look that great (graphics wise, and more the animations), and it seems fairly run of the mill, but it also looks like it should be fun too. I played a lot of the original Syndicate, but that has no baring due to the differences between the two games. I don't have a problem with the change though at all.