Enhanced Version of PC Cult Classic Suddenly Pops Up on Steam

Outcast came out in 1999. It was pretty great. Then, this year, its original creators launched a Kickstarter campaign for a HD remake of the game, which, sadly, failed to meet its goal. And now, it looks like they are settling for the next best thing: releasing the original game, with new features, on Steam. Today.


Outcast 1.1, as they call it, is designed to run on modern systems, with multi-threaded rendering for better performance, a redesigned HUD, controller support, and high resolution support (this last one, in particular, is a big deal, since the game's resolution was restricted to sub-640*480 due to engine limitations).

The re-release was actually announced a few days back, somewhat stealthily, on the game's official Facebook page. The message, which is apparently a piece of fan feedback, does a pretty good job explaining what the deal is, so here's the whole thing:

Outcast: A great thank you to 'quickssilverr gaming' for its precious feedback on the upcoming Outcast 1.1

quickssilverr gaming: Outcast.

A while ago I told you guys about the amazing game called Outcast. Outcast was released in 1999 and the game was a revolution at itself. It featured a massive world, immense gameplay, great storytelling, beautiful graphics, real l ife-like AI and much much more.

Unfortunately, the publisher Infogrames which hold the rights of the original game went bankrupt before Outcast 2 could see the light of day and with it the franchise was put to a hold. However, hope was revived when in 2013 the original developers, now called Fresh3D, bought back the rights of the game with the plan to revive Outcast. From there, they started a Kickstarter to create a HD reboot of the game but unfortunately the Kickstarter failed because the needed funds were not met. After that setback it got awfully quiet but Fresh3D was secretly still working on Outcast.

Today, the moment of my silence is over and I am glad to announce that Outcast is definitely coming back!

In the very near future, Outcast v1.1 will be released through various gaming platforms which will be announced later. Many additions and tweaks have been made to the game and it looks better than ever! I'll provide the information here on the quickssilverrgaming Facebook page when Outcast v1.1 is available for purchase.

The last few months I posted small and secret messages that I knew more than I could say about Outcast and now is the time to tell you what this was all about:

After the Kickstarter, some members of Fresh3D approached me asking for advice on some topics and even allowing me to test two builds of the coming v1.1 version of the game with me providing feedback to them. This was an amazing opportunity and it really is an eye-opening experience to see the changes being done to the game with the release of every new build.

I would like to seize this moment to thank Fresh3D for giving me this amazing opportunity and wish them all the luck in the world with reviving the Outcast franchise!

If you're interested, you can find Outcast 1.1 on Steam here. It'll be unlocked in a few hours. Do note that on the Facebook page, the devs have said that the GOG version of the game will receive this update for free, so it might be best to wait if you already own a GOG copy.

Outcast 1.1 [Steam]

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release Outcast 1.1- use funds from sales to work on making the HD graphics - add it as a free optional download to 1.1 allowing classic mode or remastered. everybody wins :D