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Endless Ocean: Blue World Gameplay Is All Wet

Illustration for article titled Endless Ocean: Blue World Gameplay Is All Wet

Endless Ocean: Blue World may seem like a natural fit for the forthcoming Wii Vitality Sensor, given the relaxing (or terrifying) nature of scuba diving, but the game is due far sooner than Nintendo's biometrics monitoring add-on.


We recently got a hands-on peek at the Wii game, arriving in North America later this month, a sequel that is more driven by narrative and goals than the original Endless Ocean and one more game that will support the Wii Speak microphone peripheral.


To get caught up on all the new features, read our preview and soak in this extended gameplay clip.

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For $30 its a very low risk venture for anyone remotely interested. Right now Amazon's even throwing in a free WiiSpeak with the game if you pre-order, which makes it a very nice deal.