Endless Legend, Dungeon Of The Endless Guys Show Off Next Game

Amplitude, the team behind two of our favourite games of last year—Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless—announced a new game over the weekend. It’s a sequel to another of their Endless games, Endless Space. Endless Endless Endless. Endless.

I’m excited! The first Endless Space was OK, hinting at some of Amplitude’s future strengths (like slick UI and a killer soundtrack) but in the long run suffering from a dryness; a game devoid of much story, point or joy. The studio has shown with its games since that this is certainly no longer a problem for them, so if Endless Space 2 can keep the same freedom and smart ideas of the original but make the whole thing seem a little more alive, then I’m in.


There’s not much actual info to go on, but if you’re super psyched and need something, there’s a different cut of the trailer on the game’s site that involves a neat trick.

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I kinda wish they would focus more on endless legend. It’s a fun game , but its lacking one or two big expansion. The city development system could really use some added complexity, they also should really overhaul the city defense system. Wish they would push the assimilation system further two, have minor race become an integral part of your race rather than small bonus and unit you probably won’t use.