Endciv Is Like A Fallout Version Of SimCity

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Endciv is a post-apocalyptic city builder with a focus on, you know, surviving. Think Banished meets SimCity meets Fallout.

The game recently popped up on Steam Greenlight, and though it’s fairly early, it’s already looking pretty solid:

Here’s what it’s about:

“In a world where civilization suffered from weather phenomena and collapsed financial markets, a group of people lost their shelter and are now on the search for a new place to live. Help these people to survive in the wastelands. Explore the unknown environment to find shelter and a supply of food and water for the early days. Your foremost duty is to avoid dehydration and starvation at all cost.”

“Improve the settlement with a campfire, storage facilities and cardboard beds. As the game progresses you will be able to provide more and more for your citizens. Build houses for them. Provide a variety of food and clean water. Keep them unharmed and even take care of entertainment.”


In recent times, the Fallout series has taken stabs at building/management, but neither Fallout Shelter nor Fallout 4's settlement construction did it with a ton of depth. Endciv sounds significantly more focused on nitty, gritty, composty details:

“Enjoy a detailed simulation. Manage food and water under harsh conditions. Water loses quality over time and food does rot. Even rotten food does not just disappear but has to be composted. During the game you also have to manage energy, agriculture and labor and each aspect relies on certain real world aspects.”

You’ll also have to deal with nomads, raiders, and other tribes (which you can ally with or conquer). To me, that part sounds like a potentially more interesting Fallout Shelter, albeit topside instead of deep in the miserable guts of Vault 666 (or whatever you called yours). Also you build cities, making it much more vast.

If all goes according to plan, Endciv should be out in Early Access next month.

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