Emulator Helps Open Zelda's Impossible Treasure Chest

As we’ve seen, you can play Breath of the Wild on a PC using an emulator. It’s not exactly optimal, but there’s a tiny bright side to the struggle: you can open a busted treasure chest that on both Switch and Wii U is inaccessible.


Because it’s half-buried and underwater, in retail copies of the game you just can’t get down low enough to actually pop the lid on this chest.

But here, running Cemu 1.7.3d, Pimpinpinguino was able to walk straight through the water that would normally make getting to the chest a pain, and then do a funky little dance number to trigger the opening.

And what’s inside such a random and inaccessible chest? Perhaps a powerful in-game item, or some message of congratulations for having worked so hard to get access to it?



Here’s video of how it was found and opened:

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