The elves are bringing two new playable character classes to Runes of Magic, along with the usual pointy-ears and naked mailbox dancing.

The Warden and the Druid join Runes of Magic's diverse cast of character classes when the second chapter, The Elven Prophecy, hits the game this September. The Warden is at one with the forest, travelling with a magical plant companion and casting beneficial spells on their allies. Meanwhile the Druid is a nature wizard, with a much more diverse catalog of spells, from healing to damage to support. According to the picture here, one of them wears tree bark, while the other one is a crazy near-naked plant lady.


Both of these new classes are being called Elf classes, meaning humans won't be able to play them until Frogster decides it would be a good idea. Considering the rate at which they add to the free-to-play game, that could be a matter of minutes.