Elevator Action Arcade Shooter Has Great Name, Even Better Gimmick

Taito is giving Elevator Action fans another dose of floor-changing espionage action with the beautifully named Elevator Action: Death Parade. What separates Death Parade apart from its predecessors? Well it's a light gun shooter.

More importantly, it's a light gun shooter with functioning elevator doors on the cabinet, doors that open and close to change up the action and provide scene transitions. This video of the arcade game in action, via Siliconera, shows Elevator Action: Death Parade's door gimmick working at the most recent AOU expo in Japan. As you can see, players will have to shoot a great many things while also trying to find safety behind elevator doors.


Sure, it's shaky-cam footage of an arcade light gun shooter you're probably never going to play outside of Tokyo's game centers, but it's also brilliant.



coming to a Japanese arcade near you: 'Bank Action: waiting to die'.

Feel the excitement of a 3D bank heist from the POV of a bored businessman waiting in line to deposit a rebate check when all hell breaks loose! For the first time ever, the game will feature a real person standing behind you on their phone having the most insipid conversation about picking up dry cleaning! Waiting in line at the bank never made you want to get shot this much!

(Japan only)