El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is in development for Steam. The game was originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360. According to Sawaki Takeyasu, the game’s director, the Steam version will have both English and Japanese subtitles and audio options. The release date is still TBA.

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Nightshift Nurse

I don’t think I’ll ever understand PC releases of seventh-gen games which forego current-gen consoles.

Even with titles like Dragon’s Dogma, Valkyria Chronicles, and Vanquish (Bayonetta, too, but that was a slightly thornier situation) where they did eventually make their way to eighth-gen platforms, it still took forever.

At any rate, here’s hoping both this and Persona 4 Golden actually make their way to the PlayStation 4 (or 5, I suppose, if Atlus or whoever waits long enough) as well. Sooner rather than later.

As a side, I wonder if this means a proper sequel to El Shaddai is more than just talk now. (Or more than just some crummy mobile title.)