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Eight Things You Might Not Know About The N64

Just because you've used the N64 before doesn't mean you know everything about it, hotshot. The 18 year old console has a curious history behind it, after all.


Here's DYKGaming/Normal Boots with their ever-informative "Did You Know" series, which this time walks us through all sorts of cool trivia about the N64. Watching the video means you'll get to learn all sorts of things, like:

  • The code name for the N64
  • Why they claimed to stick to cartridges instead of moving to another format (and why people thought these claims were bullshit)
  • The limitations that cartridges presented
  • Some of the hiccups that launch games experienced, particularly when it came to graphics
  • How Goldeneye was developed using estimation of N64's specs
  • Why they changed the N64's original name
  • What some of the lesser-known add-ons for the N64 were (like a disc-drive! and a mouse)
  • Some lesser-known games and programs

Informative, fascinating stuff. And hey, if you know all this stuff? Pat yourself on the back. I want you on my trivia team!


Nintendo 64 - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Brutalmoose [DYKGaming]

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"Nintendo dropped the "Ultra" from its title due to Konami having a trademark on "Ultra Games." True that some of the early Konami games were released in the west under the "Ultra" banner, like the original TMNT and Metal Gear, but this is only half the story.

At the time, Konami was investigating the validity of making their own disc-based console. In fact, some of the early Playstation and Saturn releases began development under hypothetical spec of a Konami Console code-named "Ultra." Suikoden and Metal Gear Solid both began production when Konami was considering this, but they dropped the endeavor in 1995 when they came to the conclusion that the market was already saturated and they could not add anything of major value to it.