Eight More Leave Modern Warfare Developers, Bringing Total To 26

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The exodus from Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward continues at a breakneck pace, with news today that a further eight employees have left the studio in the wake of the "Legal Warfare" showdown.


In addition to the five men who left on Friday, we've learned that three more - level designer Keith Bell, designer Charlie Wiederhold and level designer Preston Glenn - also packed up and left the Activision-owned Infinity Ward at the end of last week.

Adding to these are five more, all of whom left yesterday: lead character artist Joel Emslie, weapons artist Ryan Lastimosa, artist Brad Allen, lead programmer Robert Field and our first non-developmental one of the bunch, HR/recruitment specialist Kristin Cotterell.

That brings us to a staggering 26 employees in total to have left Infinity Ward since the drama began, a tally which constitutes the bulk of the studio's creative and programming "brains trust".

There's no official word yet on where these ex-employees have ended up, but...yeah.



Luke, you might want to fix your title because your numbers seem to be off.

13 people left the studio before the Friday post (of which 2 were fired).


Then you have the 5 who left on Friday and the 8 who we just found out had left the studio.

That brings the total to 26.