Eight Cool Things In Diablo III's New Patch

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Diablo III’s long awaited patch 2.4 is now live both in the US and in the EU. It’s quite a big update with new zones, items, game mechanics and small tweaks. The game feels a lot different if you haven’t played in months.


The full patch notes are over here, if you wanna see them. For now, let’s focus on some of the most interesting new additions:

Greyhollow Island

There’s a new area called Greyhollow Island added to the game. It’s accessible through Act V’s map and what’s cool about it is that it’s not just a copy-paste of old tilesets, but a completely new, swampy, dark place with new monsters to kill and events to find.

Set Dungeons

Besides Greyhollow Island the other big new feature in 2.4 are set dungeons. They’re pre-generated dungeons (24 of them) designed around specific set items. Once you’ve collected all six pieces of a chosen set, its set dungeon will unlock somewhere in the map. Finding the entrances might be a bit tricky (you can find clues in Leoric’s Library though), but this clip showing all the locations might help:

Item changes and new legendaries

New patch, new season, and that means your current gear won’t do it anymore. (Check the official patch notes and you’ll see most of it is about item and class changes). But it also means new powerful items are added to the game. One of my favorites is a Barbarian mighty legendary called “Blade of the Tribes” and its earth shattering powers:

There’s a Diablo II Stormshield hidden in the new Royal Quarters zone

It’s purely a cosmetic item, but it’s still worth grabbing it. It looks really good! The item’s inside Leoric’s Manor in the new Royal Quarters zone. You’ll find a secret bookcase with the shield lying on an armor rack. Here’s a small video by GameByNumber showing where exactly it is.

More inventory space

We will need those stash tabs for all the set pieces. A sixth one is now purchasable for 500,000 gold and additional ones can be unlocked by completing Seasonal objectives.


Managing characters can get a bit confusing for veteran players with all the non-seasonal, seasonal, old and fresh characters piling up on an account. This new feature allows us to transform a non-seasonal hero to a fresh level 1 seasonal one, maintaining its name, the character record and the gear (which will be in the mail and can be collected by non-seasonal characters). Basically this is an awesome feature for people who like to play the same character over and over.


Cosmetic pets can now pick up gold

Well, cosmetic pets are no longer cosmetic. They have a function now and it’s pretty useful in the long run.


Good news for Keywarden hunters

An arrow now indicates the location of a Keywarden, if one’s present, in the current zone. Hooray! No more fooling around in Act 1's Fields of Misery.


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I wish that the expansion on PC would drop to $10 already. Sigh...