Eidos Pencils In Square Enix Takeover For May

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UK publisher Eidos has issue a timeline to its shareholders, indicating that if all goes as planned, Square Enix will take full ownership on May 6th.


Eidos management has been in favor of the Square Enix buyout since the Japanese developer and publisher first made it public early last month. This timeline is just another in a long line of steps taken to convince the shareholders that this is the right move to make.

Here's how things will go down:

March 26th: Shareholder vote to approve the buyout. Hopefully the vote yes.
April 21st: Trading of Eidos stock is halted, with the de-listing of said stock occuring the next day.
May 6th: Square Enix owns Eidos fully, everybody parties until the pass out.

Or something along those lines.

Of course the shareholders could still vote down the buyout, but with the terms Square Enix is offering, we see no reason why any sane person would.


Square Enix and Eidos agree buyout terms [MCV]



How hilarious would it be if this goes through, and Square just ends up using Eidos as a port house to develop the 360 version of FF13, just like they did with the PC version of FFVII?

I just can't see Square doing anything with Eidos' franchises, especially considering how badly the company has floundered in recent years.

Maybe a Hitman: Vincent Valentine game is in order?