The image of video games has been steadily improving for some time now. Besides of gaming's entertainment value, the mainstream folks are realizing that make tons and tons on moolah. Countries like Canada, France, Singapore, South Korea as well as in Scandinavian countries and two states in the US. But in the United Kingdom, no dice. Ian Livingstone, Eidos' creative director, explains why:

It seems to me the UK government would rather see our great industry go into decline than help it maintain its prominent position in the world, and that is madness... We're still seen as the red-headed stepchild of the creative industries, one notch up from pornography in the eyes of most of the establishment. They forget that half of the world and half of the UK's population play games. Games help define who we are as human beings — they are as important, culturally and socially, as music and films.


If half the UK's population play games, wonder what percentage look at pornography... Games industry: Arrested development [Guardian via GamePolitics]