Edge Picks "The 100 Best Games To Play Today"

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The latest issue of Edge—which happens to be the magazine's 200th—not only features 200 different magazine covers, it lists "The 100 Best Games To Play Today," compiling the best of what's still extremely playable.


This isn't a "These Are The Best Games Of All-Time" list, nor a rattling off of the 100 most influential. It's Edge's attempt to pin down what it considers "a snapshot of the titles that define modern videogaming as it stands in March‭ ‬2009." That means some of your favorite 8-bit titles might be missing in action.

But it also makes for a very agreeable list of modern day classics and 16-bit titles that stand the test of time.

We'll spoil it for you: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sits at #1. In fact, Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda and Mario series make multiple appearances, as do oft-overlooked games like Jet Set Radio Future, Frequency, Viewtiful Joe and R-Type Final. (Never did finish that last one on the list, sadly.)

Sure, you may find some oversights (Diablo II? Still eminently playable, Edge dudes.) and some curiosities (Ninja Gaiden.... II?) but you may also find some holes in your gaming experience collection that need filling in.

The 100 Best Games To Play Today [Edge]


No Dragon's Lair or The Journeyman Project? Because you know, those games TOTALLY hold up in today's market.