Edge Online Team Quits, Replaced By Mag Staff

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The primary editorial team responsible for Edge Online has quit in response to the magazine's "old media thinking, rampant cost-cutting and ego-driven control mechanisms" former editor in chief Colin Campbell announced today.

According to a post from Campbell at his new venture GameBizBlog.com, the departure of Edge Online's senior team, which includes news reporter Kris Graft and editor Rob Crossley, follows a shift in control. Campbell says that publisher Future UK decided late last year to relocate the online presence from San Francisco to West England, a decision he says was an attempt to "integrate" the print and online versions of Edge.

"Edge-Online's new bosses claim they want to 'integrate' the online and print facets of the magazine. I believe this to be an error," Campbell wrote. "Although the Edge voice ought to be maintained throughout all its activities, any attempt to reshape a dynamic daily website in the image of a monthly print magazine is conceptually and practically highly problematic."


Future rebranded the web site, formerly known as Next-Gen.biz, as Edge Online last year. The new Edge web site is now being helmed by print deputy editor Alex Wiltshire.

Campbell clearly disagrees with the planned integration, writing "The story of the game industry is now being told via lightning fast websites and blogs of phenomenal competence and editorial quality. The days when giant print brands dominated the mediascape are over."

Why Edge-Online's Whole Team Quit [GameBizBlog via Develop

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Oh well, their loss. Like he (sorta)said, print is dieing.