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Edge of Twilight: Athyr Above is Trying Really Hard to Be a Good Game

Illustration for article titled emEdge of Twilight: Athyr Above/em is Trying Really Hard to Be a Good Game

The resurrection of Fuzzyeyes Entertainment's steampunk saga Edge of Twilight gains steam (sorry) in Athyr Above, the second playable foray into the split day-and-night world that once seemed lost. The first game, a bad free Temple Run knock-off, left me with the impression that maybe the franchise should have stayed down. This one proves, at the very least, that Edge of Twilight has a story to tell. It's just not quite the right way to tell it.


Set in a world where day and night have been split into two separate and disconnected realms, Edge of Twilight: Athyr Above is an action-adventure prequel to the upcoming PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation game. Players take on the role of Lex, a half-breed mercenary capable of moving freely between both worlds.


Well, players eventually take on that role, after an incredible amount of exposition for a mobile title. The game opens with ten minutes of prerendered, fully-voiced cutscenes. Whether this is good or bad I leave up to you. Watch Touchgameplay's video and judge for yourself.

That's one deep voice, isn't it?

Tasked with destroying a number of magical artifacts that might just destroy both worlds, Lex embarks on an adventure that serves as an excellent argument for virtual on-screen controls. Touch to move. Touch with another finger to jump. Hold down your finger and swipe to attack enemies until they are all dead and the magical walls keeping your from progressing disappear. Lifting your finger and then re-touch with perfect timing to perform combos.

It's a fumbling sort of touching — you're probably familiar with it. The rubbing-your-enemies combat model obscures the screen, swipes feel clumsy and imprecise. I'm all for attempting to find creative ways around on-screen virtual controls, but it doesn't hurt to leave the option in there, just in case.

Combat aside, there's a lot of promise here. I'm a sucker for a point-based skill enhancement system, even if the interface for it is a bit clunky. Puzzles that require Lex to switch between his large and powerful day form and his nimble night persona can be quite clever. The music is wonderfully moody and atmospheric, and the settings are diverse, if not particularly stunning.


The first mobile Edge of Twilight game was an impressionable child, aping a more successful game. This second one is a gangly adolescent, awkward but showing potential. If the trend continues, perhaps the series will be all grown up by the time the console/PC game arrives this summer.

>Edge of Twilight: Athyr Above

  • Genre:Action-Adventure
  • Developer: FuzzyEyes
  • Platform: iPad
  • Price: $4.99

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