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Respected film critic Roger Ebert may still be on the wrong side of the games-as-art debate, but he's slowly coming around, conceding that games are getting better, though he'd rather be knitting.

In a response on his blog to a reader's comment regarding New York Times games writer Seth Schiesel calling Ebert an inspiration during a round of Slate's second annual Gaming Club, the film critic explains that while games are getting better, he would rather follow other dreams.

I am still not sure video games can be "art" in the sense that we use it in this thread, but I am convinced they are getting a lot better. However, if I had at the beginning of my career been told I would spend the next 41 years playing video games, I would have taken up professional knitting.


Aha, but his hypothetical conversion to professional knitter would have eventually led him right back to the world of video games! Gaming is everywhere, Mr. Ebert. There is no escape. Join us.

Roger Ebert's Blog [Chicago Sun-Times via MTV Multiplayer]

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