Would you spend $35,000 on a case full of video games?

On one hand, this eBay seller is pawning off an impressive collection of games that includes rare gems like Suikoden II, Earthbound, Snatcher, and a whole lot of other titles for Super Nintendo, Sega CD, Game Boy Advance, and several other consoles.


On the other hand, here are some things you could buy with $35,000:

  • A new car
  • The down payment on a house
  • 538 new console video games
  • Two months' rent in a Manhattan apartment
  • 35,000 chocolate bars
  • Seven engagement rings
  • A full-time intern to act out the entirety of Earthbound so you don't have to buy it

You be the judge.

Quality Over Quantity Huge Video Game Collection Earthbound SNES Sega Suikoden [eBay via NeoGAF]


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