Eatin' With The In-Laws (No, They're Not Trying To Kill Me)

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Check


Back from a day off — went to the in-laws and ate blowfish cooked in a variety of ways. Blowfish, when not prepared properly is lethal. To prepare or sell it, you must get a license and getting one is quite an ordeal. Some times you see trucks with what look like aquariums on the back and that have "blowfish" written them on in Japanese. They're used to haul the fish around (alive) to ensue freshness, I guess!

However, every year someone always dies from trying to slice up raw blowfish themselves. You've been warned kiddos!


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Just because you don't think their trying to kill you doesn't mean they aren't.

In fact if you don't suspect them, you really should be concerned. Because that means their plan is working.