Isn't about time for another post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online science fiction role-playing game? Masthead Studios are gearing up to deliver just that, pinning a February release date on Earthrise. Is it the next Anarchy Online, or the next Tabula Rasa?

Masthead's MMORPG shares aspects of both of those storied science fiction role-playing games. It's got a look that's very reminiscent of Richard Garriott's doomed Tabula Rasa, while sharing similar themes with Funcom's Anarchy Online, including the idea of cloning making humanity essentially immortal. Of course there's a shady government in control of the cloning process, which gives them the power over who lives and who dies permanently, so it's easy to see how conflicts can arise.


As far as player classes and skills go, earthrise features a rather novel equipment-based skill system. The player picks the weapons and devices that compliments his or her style of play, and skills advance from there. It sounds very flexible. The game also features plenty of player-versus-player combat as well as a crafting system for players that would rather create than destroy.

Masthead will be launching the game via digital distribution on February 4. Check out the game's official website for more info.

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