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Earth Eternal, the browser-based anthropomorphic animal MMO I've been following since early 2007 has finally reached the open beta stage, and the time of man has officially passed.


I've been following Earth Eternal for quite some time, and AJ recently had occasion to go hands-on with the game, dispelling worries that the game was for furries. After all, only 16 of the game's 22 player races are animals, with the rest made up of mythical beasts and machines with only a passing resemblance to people in animal costumes. The ancient beasts that man descended from have returned, and you take on the role of one of these, confronting dragons, fairies, gods, demons, and titans - you know, the usual.

The browser-based game is now available for all to play for free. Simply visit the game's official website and sign up for an account. I've signed up, but judging by my current schedule won't have time to actually play until sometime in 2011. Till then, I live vicariously through you.

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