Early Final Fantasy XIV Launch Goes (Surprise!) Badly

For a game that's had so many problems it's needing a second launch, you'd think Square Enix would be right on top of Final Fantasy XIV, but nope. The game had an early access release over the weekend, and it was a mess.


Those who had pre-ordered the game were let into an early access release, but many found themselves unable to get past FFXIV's menu screens, so severe were server issues affecting the game. Check out the video above to see what I mean.

In response to the problems, Square Enix has issued the following statement, saying they have "placed a severe login restriction in order to stabilize the servers". They've also cut down on access to the game's character creation suite.

We have confirmed that the issues on the North American/European data center Worlds have resurfaced. Therefore, we have placed a severe login restriction in order to stabilize the servers.

While you may continue to have a difficult time logging into the game, please note that the issue is being addressed, and new updates will follow as additional information becomes available.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this is causing everyone for an extended period, but we would like to ask for your continued cooperation to make this a stable environment.

OK, so it's not the game's final, public opening, but the fact that server problems hit a smaller release - and that this is a game with a history of problems - does not bode well. Here's hoping for fan's sake Square can finally get this right ahead of the game's actual release on Tuesday.

[video: Montyblancs]



Apart from everyone saying "yep, this is a popular mmo launch, they're all like this..." Here's what I'm gonna ask. As a video game fan, and as a Final Fantasy fan:

ARR comes out in two days. On the 27th, Tuesday. Could you guys please give it some damn publicity? Maybe show off a video or two like you do for other mmo releases? There are still plenty of folk that don't even realize that this is not the FFXIV of 2-3 years ago, and that there are literally dozens of videos on youtube (from Square-Enix's official channel) from this new game. I have not seen Kotaku post even 1/50th of them.

So as a JRPG fan, an MMORPG, a Yoichi Wada fan, and someone that knows that this game is fucking INCREDIBLE... please give it the recognition it deserves. That's all I ask.