Early Designs Of PS3 Exclusive Infamous Included Motorcycle Parkour

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Infamous, the PS3 superhero game starring electrically charged Cole MacGrath. In honor of this anniversary, developers Sucker Punch have revealed new information about the early versions of the game. It turns out, Infamous was very different in those early days. For example, Cole could do motorcycle parkour and rebuild neighborhoods.


The motorcycle parkour information is maybe the most bizarre. It feels very out of place compared to the final game. Of course, back when this was still a feature in the game, it most likely made more sense. Either way, I can’t help but watch the short clip Sucker Punch released of the motorcycle flipping and hopping around and think “I’d play that.”

This information came from a Twitter thread all about the early design ideas for the game came which was posted by the official Sucker Punch Twitter account earlier today. It included video footage and images showcasing other interesting early ideas.

Originally the game was called “True Hero before they settled on Infamous

Another early version of the game allowed players to switch out their clothing between a classic superhero costume and civilian clothes. This would be done in a phone booth, of course.

Weirdly, players would also be able to help rebuild and customize buildings throughout the city to help make citizens happier. I guess that’s one way to be a superhero?


Also, to be clear none of this content is “cut content.” That would imply they cut it from the final game. This is instead early ideas, prototypes, and plans that never fully got finished or were discarded as the game evolved during development.

The entire thread is filled with some other interesting tidbits about the game and its early days. It’s also a wonderful look into how much games change from the beginning of a project compared to the final build we get to play.


And who knows, maybe one day we will get to play that Sucker Punch motorcycle game?



I didn’t know I needed motorcycle parkour until right now