EA Working On New Syndicate Title

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Cast your minds back to February, and you'll remember some excitement surrounding the revelation Starbreeze had been tapped by EA to work on one of the company's "classic" franchises. Some comments by EA boss John Riccitiello made it seem like that franchise was Road Rash, but CVG now say that - according to a "secret agent" - it's not. It is instead Syndicate, which EA didn't develop (Peter Molyneux's Bullfrog did), but which they do own the rights to. Exciting news, if also a little terrifying, since the chances of another studio capturing the feel of the original are - as we've already seen - slim. EA at work on new Syndicate [CVG]

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like others have said. Awesome, if they can recapture the magic. Still want a new x-com more though and maybe that game with the red dude where you lit people on fire and stuff... what was it called.