EA Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Through PlayStation Home

EA's black and pink football jerseys are a piece of PlayStation Home avatar clothing we don't mind spending $2 on, with all proceeds going towards New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' breast cancer awareness charity.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and EA is using PlayStation Home to spread the word. Now through November 11th, the publisher will be selling pink and black football jerseys through the PlayStation Home EA Sports Complex, with the $2 cost going directly to Brees Dream Foundation, a charity established by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in support of breast cancer awareness. The stylish shirts feature a pink number 9 with the name Brees on the back. I fully expect to see a whole hell of a lot of these being worn over the course of the next month.

I'll be buying one myself, and wearing it proudly on those occasions I make it into Home. My older sister is still recovering from her battle with breast cancer last year, with complications from her reconstructive surgery landing her in the hospital more than once over the past several months. While I will never tell her to her face, I love her dearly and plan on fully supporting the kind of causes that helped ensure she stay with us for a long time coming.


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