EA Sports Are All About That Wii Sports

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It's easy to crack jokes about EA Sports' new "Freestyle" brand - as well as their "All-Play" tags for their Wii games - because jokes either EA Sports or the casual end of the gaming spectrum are a dime a dozen. Get past those, though, and you see new boss Peter Moore's being driven by a single, steely purpose: take what made Wii Sports such a hit, and apply it to every EA Sports brand you can think of. That's what he said at a conference in Vancouver yesterday, telling journalists:

We learned some hard lessons. That was the type of sports experience they were looking for and we saw that and decided we needed to redefine what our sports games were about.


You can fault them for copying Nintendo, maybe, but not for giving EA Sports games what they've needed for years now: an entry level.
Electronic Arts looks to Wii to drive sports growth [Reuters]

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Luke Plunkett

@MrLister: At this stage of the game, no, you probably couldnt