EA Sports Adds Tennis To '09 Line Up, Snags Wimbledon Rights

Illustration for article titled EA Sports Adds Tennis To 09 Line Up, Snags Wimbledon Rights

Peter Moore announced that EA Sports would be adding tennis to its line-up of games in 2009, with rights for the Wimbledon tennis tournament exclusively going to EA. Although Moore didn't provide a name for the EA created tennis game — unless it's simply EA Sports Tennis — he did say that development on the EA Sports addition would be leading on the Wii, with the game supporting the Wii MotionPlus peripheral. EA Reps also namedropped professionals like Chris Everett, Pete Sampras and Boris Becker, hinting but not confirming that Grand Slammers throughout the years would be featured.


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@duckncover: Loll. Nah, I'd say Federer killed it...He's even more boring than Sampras!!!