Here's Mass Effect: Andromeda Running On PS4 Pro

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During Sony’s PlayStation Pro reveal event, EA showed off the first proper gameplay footage of the new Mass Effect. Watch it here.

The footage shows a character (presumably player character Ryder) exploring a not-of-this-world cyberpunk ruin also known as a cave. The character uses a jetpack to aid mobility and scans objects like plants for information. They also encounter some air squids that look kind of like miniature versions of Sovereign from the end of Mass Effect 1. Which is to say, like squids.


At the end, there’s a cut-scene in which the main characters find a holographic map revealing “vaults” spread across multiple planets. Then the place’s security system gets mad, and everyone suddenly transforms into Nathan Drake (Fleeing And Saying, “NONONONONO!!!” Edition).

It all looks intriguing, but it’s tough to get a solid impression from so little footage. More is coming in November. Hopefully BioWare will bring back the lady version of Ryder for the big reveal.

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Mortal Dictata

EA/Bioware gushed about making Ryder female for reveal at E3. Immediately make the character male again for actual gameplay.

Guess we’re back to the old marketing material.

Also who puts triangle/Y as action button.