EA just tipped us off to the fact that BioWare's long in the works PC role-playing game Dragon Age is going to be "one of the premier titles" showcase at E3 next week, with select press getting hands on time with the game — which is a good thing, because I have an appointment to play the thing next Tuesday. If I showed up and it wasn't on display, it might get awkward.

You'll get your first look at Dragon Age this Friday, as first footage of the game will be featured on the next episode of GameTrailers TV on Spike.


The "highly anticipated dark fantasy epic" also has a new name, officially known as Dragon Age: Origins from this point forward.

The official Dragon Age web site continues to tease us with its promise of "More July 9, 2008." We hope they hurry it up, because there's not much July 9, 2008 left to spare.

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