EA Releases New Need For Speed: Undercover Trailer

On rare occasions we are treated to a game trailer that aspires to be a movie trailer. When it comes to making a trailer like this I feel it's a very difficult thing to accomplish because even though games are becoming more cinematic, the fact still remains that what you are trying to convey will never leave game classification. That is where the line between film and game is drawn. However, this new Need For Speed: Undercover trailer almost convinces me that I need to go buy 2 boxes of chocolate covered raisins and head over to the multiplex. The game will feature live action story sequences which will include Balls of Fury star Maggie Q as your police contact. The game is slated to be released in North America November 18th.



The "plot" in need for speed games has consistently made me cringe ever since they started modeling their game after the embarassingly stupid "tweaker" sub culture. This trailer doesn't really make me hopeful for anything better out of this game. The predictably big-breasted women who I guess I'm supposed to find attractive, the painfully over-done gruff men asking you to prove yourself, the lines "any questions?", "these guys play for keeps", honestly, just throw in a "this time it's personal" and you'll hit the most-overplayed-dialogue-lines-ever trifecta. I know many games, and NFS in particular, are all about thinly disguised adolescent male power fantasies and not everyone can be bioshock, but honestly, can't we do better than this?