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EA Readies Trivial Pursuit Assault On All Gaming Fronts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's the 25th anniversary of Trivial Pursuit, which means I've been playing this stupid game with my parents since I was 10-years-old, and if EA has anything to say about it, I'll be playing it for a long time to come. They've just announced plans to release Trivial Pursuit games on every possible platform they can cram them on, from digital platforms like, where you can already play, to consoles both new and not-so-new. They've got mobile phone versions on the way, and if I know EA, I wouldn't be surprised if handhelds got a little bit of the action as well. Certainly the iPhone needs Trivial Pursuit. Certainly I need more reasons to drop everything I am doing to compulsively answer ridiculous trivia questions. Look for Trivial Pursuit to hit mobile phones this winter, with PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS2 versions showing up in the early spring.EA to Deliver TRIVIAL PURSUIT across Pogo.Com, Console and Mobile Platforms REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Gather up your pies and wedges, round up friends and family and join in the fun with the Casual Entertainment Label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) as it celebrates the 25th year of TRIVIAL PURSUIT by offering new ways and places to play one of America’s favorite board games. TRIVIAL PURSUIT will be released on multiple digital platforms including online at™, across several consoles and on mobile phones. The first version released is TRIVIAL PURSUIT ® DAILY 20™ on Players will enjoy showcasing their knowledge and skills with a daily dose of interactive online trivia. Answering the questions correctly will earn the player points toward acquiring wedges in pursuit of collecting all the pie pieces by the end of the week. Hop online and play now at The console version of TRIVIAL PURSUIT brings the party to the living room TV allowing players to customize the experience with several ways to play. Players can connect with friends in classic TRIVIAL PURSUIT mode, hone their knowledge with the single player mode, and gather their buddies and bet on their brains with the high stakes mode where every answer counts. TRIVIAL PURSUIT will release on Xbox 360™, PlayStation®2, PLAYSTATION®3 and Wii™ in early spring 2009. For even more fun, EA is bringing TRIVIAL PURSUIT to life on mobile phones from EA Mobile™. Fans will learn fun facts, discover odd answers and experience hours of thrills right on a phone. The mobile version has two fun ways to play – collect wedges and fill your pie in classic mode, or choose to race to the finish line in pursuit mode. Players will be dazzled by rich visuals, animations and sound effects. TRIVIAL PURSUIT from EA Mobile will be available for purchase in North America, Europe and Asia this winter. For more information on carrier availability and pricing, please visit ”TRIVIAL PURSUIT is a beloved game of many families. We’re so excited to be able to bring daily bites of fresh new trivia to our players. We have thousands of questions to draw from ensuring every day delivers a new set of fun facts,” said Andrew Pedersen, Pogo General Manager. “EA‘s goal is to give people many ways to play TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Whether playing with family across the country online at, in your living room with friends or on your cell phone while waiting to pick up the kids from school, there’s a way for everyone to have fun.” “It promises to be an incredibly exciting year for TRIVIAL PURSUIT fans around the world,” said Mark Blecher, General Manager, Digital Media and Gaming, Hasbro. “Often referred to as ‘a party in a box’, TRIVIAL PURSUIT will celebrate its 25th anniversary by breaking out of the box and landing on a variety of popular online, handheld and console formats allowing a test of wits showdown to unfold in the palm of your hand anytime, anyplace.”