EA Re-NERFs The Wii

Packaging a video game with a NERF gun worked so well the first time that EA's doing it again, adding secret decoder functions to the arsenal in NERF 2: "N-Strike" Elite for the Nintendo Wii.

NERF 2 is being developed partially in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the NERF brand, and perhaps mostly due to the amazing sales of the first game. Set for a fall release, the new game comes with a new blaster - the NERF Switch Shot EX-3. New to the weapon is a NERF decoder scope, which reveals hidden elements when the screen is viewed through its ruby-red lens. The game itself is your basic rail shooter with NERF elements, including the ability to configure your in-game blaster with "millions" of upgrade combinations, as well as enhanced co-op play.


Poke fun at it if you'd like, but if I were twelve-years-old this is exactly the sort of junk I'd go crazy for. A video game plus a cat terrorizing device? Sold. Looks for NERF 2 to hit store shelves this fall.

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