EA Plays Need For Speed On The iPad

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EA was present at Apple's iPad event today, giving us a glimpse of the first big-name game running on the iPad, testing the device's power with Need for Speed.


EA's Travis Boatman came on stage to show off an iPad version of Need for Speed: Shift. Rather than comment on how pretty the photograph looks, let's hear from our own Michael McWhertor, entrenched at the Apple event as we speak.

"They're showing off an iPad version of Need For Speed: Shift. Looks like a much higher res version of an iPhone game, but it takes advantage of screen real estate. Tap on the car to get an in cockpit view, tap on the rear view mirror to see behind you."

A good show, but only one game? Boatman left the crowd with a promise: "Expect a lot more from EA soon."



So is this going to be the new device to get you mugged? How does one discreetly carry this thing around?